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    Books ? History



    Step back in time and discover the sights, sounds and smells of London through the ages in this enthralling journey into the capital's rich, teeming and occasionally hazardous past.

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    A gay bushranger with a love of poetry and guns. A grotesque hangman with a passion for flowers and gardening.A broken young man desperate for love and respect. These men – two of them lovers – are about to bring the era ofAustralia’s outlaws to a torrid and bloody climax. Moonlite is the true and epic story of George Scott, an Irish-bornpreacher who becomes, along with Ned Kelly, one of the nation’s most notorious and celebrated criminals.

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    The Freedom Circus

    A remarkable true story of one family's daring escape from Poland during the Second World War.

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    The Freedom Circus photo album

    Sue Smethurst on five of the remarkable images she discovered while researching?the story of?her grandmother-in-law.

    Tall stories

    Garry Linnell reveals how a childhood fascination led to his exploration of the life, and love, of an oft-forgotten bushranger.

    Discovering Vida

    Jacqueline Kent on the inspiration behind her book about an extraordinary woman, Vida.

    Introducing Vida Goldstein

    Advocate for women's rights, campaigner for peace and genuine trailblazer for equality.

    Power grapple

    Nick Bryant reveals the unlikely start-point of Donald Trump’s first ‘semi-serious’ presidential bid.

    Classic of the month: Dark Days

    In July we explored?racism, identity, education and love in James Baldwin’s searing essay collection Dark Days.

    Book clubs
    21 Lessons for the 21st Century book club notes

    Challenge your reading group to consider the biggest questions of our times.

    History’s spoils

    Geoffrey Robertson ponders the rights of nations to hoard the cultural identifiers of others.

    A boot in the door

    Advancement of women doctors: one of very few unexpected silver-linings of war.

    A few daring men

    Audacity reigned supreme for some skilled Australian infantrymen on the Western Front.

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    The SS Officer's Armchair

    Most residents of Stuttgart, capital of the German state of Württemberg, had ordinary plans for the weekend ahead as they set off for work on the morning of Friday 6 March 1936.

    Yes To Life In Spite of Everything

    To speak about the meaning and value of life may seem more necessary today (1946) than ever; the question is only whether and how this is ‘possible’.

    Buckley's Chance

    Tracing the footsteps of William Buckley is not easy and not just because his strides were so long.