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    Simon McLean

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    Simon Mclean is an Australian born Artist based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He has received numerous awards and prizes for his artworks and illustration, and is represented in private collections throughout Australia and internationally.

    His work displays deft graphic skills, with an underlining sense of humour, finely honed over many years working in publishing and advertising, whilst also developing and illustrating his own children's book ranges and a myriad illustration projects.

    Mclean’s art on paper, canvas and also as sculpture and public Artworks, continues to be applauded for its originality and eclectic themes, and has been described as anything from dark and moodyto hilariously disturbing.

    Books by Simon McLean

    Old Man Emu

    A new picture book adaptation of John Williamson's first and now legendary hit song, 'Old Man Emu’, to celebrate John’s 50th year of performing and the song’s 50th anniversary in 2020.

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