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    Ages 3–5


    Back to Sleep

    A warm and funny bedtime story where it’s the parentswhowon’t go to sleep. A perfect follow-up picture book to No One Likes a Fart by the inimitable Zo? Foster Blake.

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    I'm a Hero Too

    The perfect picture book for families with young children to share and make sense of the changes in their lives brought about by Covid 19 and to bring reassurance.

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    Book clubs
    How to host a Bluey book club

    Wackadoo! It'll be the greatest book club, for real life!

    A Banana is a Banana activity pack

    No bananas were harmed during the making of this activity pack.

    Lottie and Walter: Picture Book Trailer

    The delightfully animated trailer for Anna Walker’s new picture book “Lottie and Walter.” Publishing 5th March 2019 in Australia - Penguin Random House Australia

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    Summer, the best season ever, now has an activity pack!

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    Puffin's Picks of Fun Activities

    Charlie activity pack

    Create your own Charlie disquise with this fun activity pack!

    Collecting Sunshine activity pack

    Join Mabel and Robert in collecting your very own Collecting Sunshine activity pack!

    Fly activity pack

    Take flight with Lucy with this fun activity pack