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    Activity  •  1 June 2020


    Wackadoo! Here's a Bluey quiz!

    Test your Bluey knowledge with this fun quiz.


    1. What is Bluey's dad's name?

    a) Pongo

    b) Bandit

    c) Odie

    d) Scooby


    2. What does Bluey's mum do for a living?

    a) Archeology

    b) Gardening

    c) Airport Security

    d) Detective


    3. What is the name of the rocking horse at the park?

    a) Sparklemane

    b) Twinkletoes

    c) Speedy Gonzales

    d) Ponyweather


    4. What animal does Bluey see at the end of The Creek?

    a) a bilby

    b) a kangaroo

    c) a quokka

    d) a potoroo


    5. What kind of dance do Bluey and Bingo like to do?

    a) Brushing

    b) Flossing

    c) Moonwalking

    d) the twist


    6. What does Janet want Rita to pick up for dinner in?Grannies?

    a) Beans

    b) Boiled Candy

    c) Jelly

    d) Pot Pie


    7.?How old is Bluey?

    a) Three

    b) Seven

    c) Six

    d) Five


    8.?What is the name of the puppet that Bingo gets to take home?

    a) Big Ted

    b) Pinocchio

    c) Lamb Chop

    d) Bob Bilby


    9. What nationality is Bluey's friend Jean Luc?

    a) Italian

    b) Japanese

    c) French Canadian

    d) American


    10. Which Australian city is the Bluey world based on?

    a) Brisbane

    b) Sydney

    c) Fremantle

    d) Alice Springs


    Answers: 1 – b) Bandit, 2 – c) Airport Security, 3 - a) Sparklemane, 4 - d) a Potoroo, 5 - b) Flossing, 6 - a) Beans, 7 - c) Six, 8 - d) Bob Bilby, 9 - c) French Canadian, 10 - a) Brisbane

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